Echols Photo's Web Log (BLOG)

The Other Side, by Kyle Echols

As mentioned in my previous blog entry, sometimes God closes one door and opens another and I think it is then up to us to walk through. Well, in our case, he opened up three! It was great to have so many choices and feel wanted by multiple companies by receiving multiple job offers within just a few weeks of starting my job search after being notified of my impending layoff. Each offer, however, involved relocation, so it was no easy task to choose, since I knew how it would impact my family. To be concise, we ended up choosing the offer in Ohio, so here we are. I am glad to finally have my wife and kids with me here and am doing my best to get to know the community by volunteering my services occasionally and getting to know my neighbors. Loveland is a very nice, family-oriented community on the outskirts of Cincinnati where we are happy to have found a great school for my kids to attend.

So, I guess we're on the other side of that door now. We're very much looking forward to spring and the opportunity to explore some of the beautiful countryside. We'll be posting some new shots of the area, especially since it will now be much easier to do so with the reworked website. All I have to do is upload the file to the right directory, and BAM! it's picked up by the very next visitor to the page. I am really enjoying the power that scripting brings to website development. I've even had a chance to use some of my web development skills in my day job, even though that isn't my main job.

What are you up to artistically? Feel free to use the Contact Us page to drop us a note with a URL to your photo sharing website. We'd love to see your work.

That's all for now. Happy Shooting!

- Kyle

Change is in the Air, by Kyle Echols

The late summer storms are not the only winds blowing. Winds of change are definitely blowing into our lives right now.

As a part-time artist, I support my family with a full time job in the Information Technology field. Unfortunately, my current employer has decided to give me the opportunity to seek new employment as they change the direction of the company away from the well-managed, organized, and quality-controlled environment I have been working toward. I am taking this opportunity to ramp up my efforts grow Echols Photo into larger business as well as starting to offer web design and development services to others.

Since the Fall of 2007 I have been pursuing a second education in the Visual Arts, with an emphasis on photography, and have greatly enjoyed the exposure to other mediums and design principles. I will definitely be continuing my education wherever we end up, if a relocation is required again, and am energized by the prospect of having additional opportunities to learn from new mentors at other institutions.

It is sometimes said that God closes one door in order to open another; it is up to us, then, to walk through. It would be nice, however, if we knew what was on the other side before we had to choose.

Here's to new opportunities and adventure!

- Kyle